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 HQ2012 - Travel & Accommodations


The information on this page will be updated as we get closer to the conference dates.

The workshop will take place at Copamarina , Puerto Rico. Copamarina Beach Resort is located in the town of Guanica, on the Southern coast of Puerto Rico in the Eastern Caribbean. Guanica is an historical town founded in 1508 when Juan Ponce de León first explored Puerto Rico. Guanica derives its name from the Taino Indian term, which means, "Here is a place with water".

Copamarina is located 90 miles (approximately a 2 hour drive), from San Juan over a Panoramic Express Highway - a beautiful, scenic drive. From San Juan, take Highway 52 to Ponce, West on Road 2 and South on Route 116 to Guánica. Follow Route 333 to Caña Gorda; the resort is located at KM 6.5

Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the US so the currency is the US dollar. The visa and passport requirements are the same as those needed to enter the continental USA.

Talks will take place from 9am on Monday to 8pm on Saturday.


All rooms are expected to be at least double occupancy. We will contact everyone to arrange how the rooms will be asigned once all participants have accepted their invitations to come.

The cost of the conference is $700. This includes full board (including Sunday dinner when you arrive), accomodation, proceedings and the conference registration. We are able to waive registration and subsidize your accomodation due to the kind support of our sponsors.

Also very important you need to pay for your accomodation by September 10, 2012. You can do this by calling the Copamarina Reservations department directly at +1 800 468 4553 . You need to mention that you are part of the Hot Quarks 2012 group and you will be charged $700 .

If you would like to have a single occupancy it will cost you $550 extra.

If you would like to bring a companion not involved in the conference the charge is $1170 extra, which includes sharing the room with you and all their meals (they can join in the coffee breaks if they like).

If you would like either a single occupany room or to bring a partner please still call the Copamarina and pay your $700 but also mail to organize paying the extra fee.


Transportation services are available from the following airports.

    San Juan Airport - Luis Muñoz Marin Internatinal Airport, 90 miles from resort.

    Aguadilla Airport - Rafael Hernandez in Aguadilla, 40 miles from resort.

    Ponce Airport - Mercedita, 20 miles from resort.

    Mayaguez Airport - Eugenio Maria de Hostos, 25 miles from resort.

We are organizing shuttles to and from the airports. If you requested a shuttle and filled out the information in your registration form your name and arrival details should be listed in this doc file .

Direct flights from JFK are available to either Mayaguez or Ponce.


October is the peak tropical storm/hurricane season, so be prepared for some rain, especially in the afternoon.

Averages for October are:

    high/low: 84/75 ° F 29/24 ° C

    rainfall: 5.5"


Several activities can be organized such as snorkeling, kayaking, sea diving, bird wathcing, tennis, hiking, volleyball etc etc.